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Loreal HiColor HiLites Magenta Review

I found myself trying to find other solutions after it got expensive revisiting the salon every two months for a touch up. I'm not new to dyeing my hair, but I've never done any sort of root touch up before, so it was a little bit of a scare for me. However, I found a brand that has made this entire process so simple for me!

I found Loreal HiLites through a couple video tutorials on Instagram. They don't seem to have this brand in stores in Canada, so I went onto Amazon to purchase a few bottles. At the time I bought them, they were only about $4 each! I bought two bottles and a 30 Vol developer for about $20.

A few tips for dyeing you hair

1) Make sure you're wearing an old T-shirt or anything you don't want to ruin. 2) Use Vaseline around your hairline and anywhere you don't want the dye to stick on your skin 3) Remember to wear gloves because it will stain your hands!

4) Make sure you are not using any sort of metal container or mixing tool because it might change the chemistry of the dye.

I followed the instruction on the box and mixed the correct amount of dye with the 30 Vol developer. I mixed until it became a consistent colour and began applying this all over the roots. Make sure you have clips to help you separate the sections that are done. I also used a blow dryer to heat up my hair and ensure that the colours blended nicely. Afterwards I waited about 35 minutes before I rinsed it all off. This is the result!

Review Personally I love using this! This is my second time and each time I use about two boxes to cove my roots. I find it so simple because I don't have to separate the bleaching process with the colouring. The product lifts dark hair beautifully and it comes out completely natural. I always get compliments on my hair from strangers when I go to the mall and I always direct them to this brand. With any sort of harsh hair dye, the smell is a little strong during the dyeing process, so be sure to work in a well ventilated room.

Hope you enjoy reading my post, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I'll try my best to answer it for you!

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