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Hair Care Secrets

I went through a crazy hair journey the last few years and experimented with dyeing my hair all sorts of crazy colours. I went through ash brown > blonde > red-purple > dark purple > blue > blonde > pastel purple > and finally the red I have today all in the span of less than 3 years. But you'd be surprise to know that with all that bleaching and damage, I'd been able to preserve the integrity of my hair by following the same hair care routine in these last three years. With that being said, my hair is currently pass my belly button and is completely 100% natural - I have never used any form of hair extension or wigs before. I'm going to share my hair care secrets with you today.

1) Conditioner BEFORE Shampoo

The purpose of shampoo is to strip your hair from the oils and dirt, but shampooing could be quite harsh against the areas of your hair that is most damaged - the bottom. Use conditioner on the bottom half of your hair before shampooing to protect these damaged areas. This also allows for the conditioner to be left on longer which will definitely make a difference (you'll see!). When using shampoo, only apply it to your roots and top half.

2) Pat Dry

Before you start up that hair dryer while your hair is still soaking wet, you might want to consider holding off for a while longer. Use a towel and wrap it around your hair for five minutes (in this time you can proceed to get dressed). Afterwards, use the same towel to pat dry. Don't rub the towel back and forth because this will promote breakage as hair is most vulnerable when it's wet - instead just gently pat and squeeze until it is dryer. Finish drying with a blow dryer if you're in a hurry but be sure to separate your hair with a wide tooth comb as it is the most gentle.

3) Argan Oil

This is VITAL. Whenever I skip this step, my hair just doesn't feel right until I have to wash it again. I have so many empty bottles and extra supply on hand because they are just so important. Argan oil helps nourish the hair and promotes the longevity and health of your hair. It allows for your hair to visually look healthier as it makes it shinier and keep the strays in place. They also double up as a heat protectant when curling or straightening. One or two pump is all you need to apply on your most damaged areas. I would recommend only applying the oils on your bottom half because it tends to flatten the top. These are the brands I currently have on hand. I've actually been liking the MOROCCO oil best - there is a makeup sale here that happens semi annually and they're only $5 a bottle which is crazy because I think they retail for $50. Test out a couple and find one that suits your hair needs the best.

4) Use A Hair Mask

This last step is nearly as important as the previous one. Overtime your hair naturally dulls and it's important to pamper and preserve the integrity of your hair. Just as you would in carrying out your skin care routine to nourish your face, your hair also needs that extra loving (although way less often). There are tons of great hair mask at your local drug store or you could easy DIY your own. Mashing Avocados with honey and adding a little bit of olive oil to leave on for a few hours was one of the easy mask I used to do all the time. If you have (unusual) coloured hair like myself, you may find it easier to find a product that will double up as both a hair mask and hair tint. I use to use Manic Panic to revamp my hair colour and keep it soft (as it is a semi permanent dye there are no harsh chemicals and is completely vegan). The colour staying power was amazing but the mess was just too difficult to clean up for something I had to do every two or three weeks. The brand I currently use, as everyone should know by now because i constantly talk about it is Arctic Fox Hair Colour. I keep raving about this product because I've been using it for YEARS and it is still my go-to product simply because it works so well. Every two weeks I would mix up my hair colour (Poison + Wrath + a little bit of any black semi perm), and apply it all over my hair for 2-3 hours before washing off. This leave my hair feeling so soft for weeks and it revitalizes my colour every single time, keeping my red as vibrant as it is. I use to buy this at Hot Topic but they only sold the mini bottles, so I found that getting it online is the best way to go.

Those are the four steps that I swear by when caring for my hair. You don't have to take my fashion advice but please take my hair advice because I've gone through so much damage and still kept it healthy believe me haha! Hope this was helpful for anyone who is going through a hair crisis and let me know if this works for you if you try it! I've linked as many products as I could to the main website as I can for you and hopefully you'd be able to buy it online if you cannot find it at your local mall.



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