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My Beauty Diary - Antarctica Glycoproteins Moisturizing Mask Review

Recently I've been really into skin care products from Japan and Korea. I find they work better on my skin because they do cater to the asian skin type over western products which i find to be a little harsh sometimes.

Over the weekend I purchased a ton of face masks and beauty products that I will be separately reviewing on my future blog post! Today I'll be looking into the Antarctica Glycoproteins Moisturizing Mask from My Beauty Diary. Note this is NOT a sponsored post.

The Brand

I am familiar with My Beauty Diary as i have used their face masks before back when I purchased them in 2012. I was sort of a face mask newbie at the time so fast forward five years later, I'm trying them again with a more critical eye. This brand originated in Taiwan and is best known for it's suitability with asian skin type, the use of natural ingredients, and of course it's affordability.

The Price

This mask only goes for $1.99, which is relatively cheap compared to other beauty brands. It was even cheaper when I bought it in bulk under their pre-set package of 18 mask for $22 Canadian. They typically come in a box of 10 for $16.99 but recently they came out with a newer packaging (no change in the formula of the product) that comes in packs of 8 for the same price of $16.99. Overall a very affordable mask that won't compromise your wallet for beauty.

The Packaging

They did a great job with the packaging, catering to young adults with it's cute design and vibrant colours. This goes for all their masks that differs in both design and colour. It is slim and small with no excessive plastic and bulk - great for traveling.

The back side of the mask provides the instruction but it is not written in english. However, it's fairly straight forward and you would apply the face mask as you would like any other. It says to leave on for 20 - 30 minutes.

The back side also provides a list of ingredients. I'll be highlighting some of the products below. Aloe Leaf Juice - Gel contains hormones that aids with healing and inflammation. Aloe helps with skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract - Used as an anti aging agent as it protects the skin, increase elasticity, hydrate and regenerate.

Caprylic Acid - Contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics and treats skin problems. Liquorice - The extract helps control oil and soothes the skin Avocado - Helps with elasticity of skin and prevent signs of aging. It helps to soften and hydrate

Meadow Foam Seed Oil - skin softening properties and prevents products from being too quickly absorb which could come off as drying. Codium Tomentosum Extract - protects skin and aids with long term hydration of the skin

Collagen - Anti-aging agent that aids in skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate - stabilize PH levels and soothes irritated skin

As much as there are great ingredients for your skin, there are a few product that are not natural. The face mask includes several preservatives such as Chlorphensin, Butylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol as well as several emulsifiers that help create a creamier product by creating a soluble environment for both oil and water. Products like Sorbitan Oleate, Carbomer, Polysorbate 80 and Polysorbate 20 that are not harmless in small doses but are powerful chemicals that do penetrate the skin. It should be noted that most beauty and skin care product do contain these emulsifier in some form but it should not exceed 10% of the product.

The Mask

I was impress with the how drenched the mask was when I first pulled it out of the package - this implies that the mask could stay on longer without drying up. Note that once the mask starts to dry, it's important to remove it otherwise the mask will start to absorb moisture from your skin. I liked how they lined the face mask with a plastic covering (image below) which makes it very easy to open up and apply.

This mask was very thin and stuck to my face very easily. It wasn't too oversized and stayed on for the entire 30 minutes. Within the 30 minutes, the mask did start to noticeably dry up, especially near my upper lips. This mask lives up to it's name as it is very cold, my hands felt like ice the entire time because my face was so cold it started to affect my body temperature haha! This is great though because the coldness definitely helps prevent acne. When I removed the mask, my skin felt very soften and cold. I rubbed in the remaining residue on my face before washing it off completely. I was surprised to find a lot of left over product in the packaging - this is when you know they don't cheap out on the essence! There was a sample size of product left in the bag. It has a very milky appearance over the clear gel like substance we typically see.


This is such a great and affordable face mask. I've seen a lot of Youtubers try the "one mask a day" trend, and if you're looking for something you can buy in bulks without having to hurt your wallet this is the mask I would recommend. It's a cheap product that surprisingly works very well, leaving my skin soft, moisturized and very refreshed. The mask itself is loaded with essence and stays on very well because of it's thin design. Overall a great mask I would buy again.


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