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ANSKIN - Modeling Mask Collagen

Today I'll be reviewing ANSKIN's Modeling Mask. I first came across this mask when watching a popular Youtuber rave about the product claiming it to be used by several Korean celebrities. I heard such great things about this modelling mask that I had to buy it for myself (on eBay but they have it on Amazon too) to test out! This is not your typical mask where you just slap it on your face for half an hour and call it a day - you have to mix the ingredients together much like at the salons, providing more of a luxurious experience. The mask claims to promote cell regeneration, gently remove dead skin and promote elasticity of the skin. Today I'll be going through all the basics you need to know about this mask including the price point, packaging, ingredients, the mask itself, as well as my overall thoughts and impression.


The container itself appears quite small, holding only 240g of powder. The amount of product used each time is surprisingly minimal, about less than 1/4 cup each time, making this a product that would last a very long time! I purchased this for $18 CAD but i could see this product easily make use of at least 25 mask before it runs dry. That's under a dollar per mask which is amazing for the type of quality it provides.


Absolutely adorable packaging. I love the mini container, it's a good size and easy to store. The lid seals easily and provides product security with no mess. It does feel a little cheap as it is just a light plastic container but it does the job. There is a plastic baggy inside that holds all the powder - you can empty this out into the container and dispose of the baggy.


Diatomite, Glucose, Sodium Alginate, Calcium Sulfate, Betaine, Zinc Oxide, Betaine, Hydrolyzed Collagen(1%) Tetra Sodium Pyro Phosphate, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten, Licorice Extract, Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid


Important! Be sure to complete your skin care routine adding all the necessary serum and essence before applying the mask. This mask is suppose to seal in all the good nutrients and makes little difference if you have nothing to seal in.

Scoop the product into a 1/4 measuring cup and mix it -almost- equal parts water (less water than powder). You can add powder or water to adjust as you mix. The texture should be thick and viscous. Pull back your hair and apply to face immediately. The mask dries within the first 5 minutes so it's important to work quickly and avoid areas with hair like your eyebrows. A good tip to note is to make sure you apply a thick layer evenly on your face - this allows for quicker peeling and helps rid any patchy areas where there is too little product. It is recommended that you lie down when waiting for the mask to harden as this helps with the lifting properties it claims to have. After hardening to a rubbery texture, you wait for half an hour before peeling it off.


Whenever I open the container, powder would disperse lightly into the air. It's a very very fine powder that feels soft to touch, very similar to baking flour. There is a slight scent that fuses both floral and baby powder together - it's very pleasant.

Upon first application, i noticed the product is very cooling on the skin. It does a great job staying on (it doesn't drip off, but I suppose that depends on how watery you decided to mix it). The mask dried very quickly and I noticed immediately how my skin feels tightened. I was very impressed as the mask stayed very cold even as it is dried half an hour later.

The best part about these type of mask is how fun it is to peel off afterwards - this one is great because there is zero irritation during the peeling process as it is very easy to remove - just as they claimed. Even though the mask is dried on the outside, it is still very cold and moist on the inside - you can see the texture of your skin on the underside!


I really enjoy this mask. It feels way more luxurious than your regular face mask. The cooling sensation is much more effective and the result is a feeling of softness that exceeds the use of a regular face mask. You can really feel all the serum absorbed into your skin! However their claims of gently removing dead skin cells don't seem to be as promising. For the amount of usage you are able to get, this is an extremely affordable mask that will last you a long time. Due to it's bulky nature and extra steps in prepping the mask, it would not do well for travel.


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