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Colour Pop Nectar Collection Swatch

Spring is finally here - meaning we can bring back the pinks and corals from our makeup collection. When I'm not shooting for Instagram (which you know requires a lot of makeup to show well through photos), I find myself really loving natural makeup lately. With Spring here, there will be a lot of light colours to play around with.

Today I'll be going through some of Colour Pop's newest spring collection - Nectar. This collection features a range of gorgeous coral coloured makeup (all with tints of either brown or pink), that just screams Spring. I don't have the entire Nectar range today, but i'll be showing you a handful of products including their shadow palette, lipgloss, cream eyeshadow, individual press eyeshadow, and lip liner/pencil.

Press Powder Eyeshadow Palette

Packaging: very compact and nicely designed. It doesn't feel light or cheap and has a sort of magnetic closure for better security.

Pigmentation: When applying with a brush, the colour is very light which makes it great for colour build up. However, the swatches below shows two layers from swatching from my fingers. Clearly they are VERY pigmented. I'd have to say the colour doesn't fade out too badly throughout the day - it's definitely still visible, but with all eyeshadows, they do tend to soften in colour overtime, more noticeably when it comes to peachy tones which blend very easily with the colour of my skin.

Thoughts: Initially I thought this was a palette for highlight, bronzing and blush because the colours look so appropriate for the cheeks! Personally I been using the coral colour on my cheeks and it's just such a beautiful shade on fair skin colour. I don't think i'd use the colour issues, but i definitely see myself reaching for the other three.

Swatch name in order: Take a Break, Issues, Centerfold, Slim Fit This palette goes for $18USD and can be found here.

Satin Lipgloss

Colours in the order presented above: Likely, Exaggerated, Jacquard.

Packaging: Love their packaging, it's very slim and minimal. Nothing too bulky or unnecessary that takes away the amount of product we are getting. The only downside is that the Colour Pop script written on the tube fades away very easily - a few rubs and it's gone. It makes it more difficult to identify whether you picked up the satin, matte or gloss as they all look the same in the bottle.

Pigmentation: Amazing pigmentation. I usually have to wipe away the product before applying because a little goes a long way! The swatches above shows the pigmentation from only one swipe - which is incredible Finish: It's exactly as it says - it has a nice satin finish. For reference the finish is very comparable to Smashbox 8 hour lipstick. After application, the colour doesn't fully absorb into the lips so it's still transferrable unfortunately. The colour does last for a while but you do need to bring it with you to touch up.

Thoughts: This is such an affordable lip product - and for the quality and amount of product you are getting, it's almost a no brainer as to why you should get it. I find that their lip glosses do have a slight scent to it - not extremely unpleasant but noticeable upon application. I've been loving the Jacquard the most out of the three because it's got such a gorgeous coral tone to it. I find that the lighter colours do tend to have that problem of really showcasing dry lips if your lips are not moisturized. Overall, I have 6 of their lip glosses in Satin, Matte and Gloss and they all do an amazing job for the price you are paying - the satin finish being my favourite.

Below is a picture featuring Jacquard on my lips.

The lipsticks featured goes for $6USD and can be found in the same order here, here and here.

Cream Shadow / Cheeks

Colours from Left, bottom and right: Flipper, One by one, Drop of a Hat

Excuse the first one, it got destroyed from shipping, which really never happened before so i don't believe it's common.

Packaging: Not the biggest fan of their famous cream product packaging. I find it a little bulky since their product only take about 1/4 of the actual depth.

Pigmentation: Like all their creme products I've tried, they're not the strongest when it comes to pigmentation, but they do steadily build up. I find that they're definitely more natural looking because they have a softer finish.

Thoughts: I do love how there is no fall out from this product. It's not very easy to apply with a brush because it doesn't pick up the product very well, but it glides and blends beautifully with your fingers. I find a lot of their cream product tend to have a very shimmery finish which is not my favourite, but it definitely gives it a lighter touch.

The Eyeshadows go for $5USD while the Cheek colours go for $8USD. You can find them in the same order as the swatch below here, here and here.

Lip Liner/Lip Pencil

Colours from left to right: Faded, Oversized, Oversized Pencil, Faded Pencil

Packaging: Very light and minimal. It doesn't jam when I twist the product. No complaints! Pigmentation: The colour is very pigmented. The swatches below shows the colour from one swipe. It's surprisingly very creamy and moisturizing compared to their satin lip gloss. But because of this, their colour transfer is pretty crazy.

Thoughts: I really do love this product because the colours I have are so gorgeous but I wish it had better staying power. However it is very creamy and hydrating.

Colour showed in order : Faded, Faded Pencil, Oversized, Oversized Pencil. Shown in sunlight and indoors.

You can get the Lip pencils and Lip Liner for $5USD. You can find the colours below here, here, here and here.

Press Eyeshadow

Colour in order: Cut-Outs and Sauvage. Note I'm so sorry I don't know where the swatch picture went but I can assure you the colours are very true to their picture - just slightly lighter.

Pigmentation - The pigmentation is pretty great! I was surprised by how much colour was showing through with the metallic shadow since they normally don't show through as well as the matte eyeshadows.

Thoughts: Very gorgeous colours. The left one has a matte finish which is the finish i usually prefer while the right one has a metallic sort of shiny finish. I do have to say i prefer their pressed powder eyeshadow over their cream eyeshadow because they just seem to last longer and show through a little better.

You can get these for only $5USD here and here.

And that's all the swatches for today! Overall I love the colours from the nectar collection - it's just so Spring appropriate. Please do share if you find this helpful or if you'd like to see more bulk reviews (this took me a super long time to write up...).It should be noted that all links provided are from the direct website for your reference, there is no affiliated link or reference code to myself. Hope you find this helpful and let me know what other swatches/review you want to see next!


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