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Five Places to Shoot in Toronto

Looking for places to shoot in Toronto this summer? Sometimes the best locations are the ones you least expect. Today I'll be going through some spots you can conveniently set up your shoot to get some killer shots.


This little gem has been popular among Toronto locals and tourists alike. It's not hard to see why. Capture yourself in the grandest way in this beautiful building located right at 181 Bay Street. Come in the morning for some beautiful natural light leaks, or have your shoot done at night and play around with the changing neon colours if you're feeling bold.


Toronto has indoor tunnels that are nothing short of beautiful, connecting from building to building. Why not give it a go and shoot in one of them? One of the more popular tunnels, although quite busy, can be found right between Eaton Centre and Saks on Fifth. Visit it right before the mall closes for an empty walkway and beautiful lighting.


We can't undervalue the libraries we have available in Toronto. These spaces are often quiet, large, and rather unique depending on which library you visit. Set up a cute shoot between one of the stacks for a fun little studious photoshoot.


Bring a little edge factor to your photos and try shooting in an underground parking lot. They're often empty and quiet depending on which floor you choose to shoot on, and can help you escape the horrid summer heat. The muted grey background will make you feel like you're set in some dystopian world.


The first floor to a popular Toronto restaurant: STK. This building features a beautiful marble interior accompanied by a slick black staircase. Shooting here is sure to give your photos an element of luxury. Try going up a floor to capture the bokeh of their hanging light fixtures.

And there you have it! Five spots you can use for your shoot the next time you're wandering around Toronto feeling a little uninspired. Let me know if you end up using any of these spots for your next shoot in the comment section below!