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After flying in from LA the night before, me and my boyfriend decided it would be a great idea to brunch at Figo in downtown Toronto the following morning. Of course, we woke up late and exhausted from the night before and headed out at around 3PM where we decided we'd catch an early dinner there instead.


I've heard great things about their brunch from a friend's recommendation, but I was also intrigued about their dinner menu, being a huge fan of Italian myself. After killing some time between a local card store and shooting photos, we arrived for dinner at 5:30 PM as per our reservation. It was a Monday, and given the time we choose to have dinner, the restaurant was empty for the most part. The space was open/clean, and although not very homey, it was still very welcoming. We were greeted immediately upon entrance and were promptly seated.


The restaurant was very tastefully decorated. It was not over the top extravagant as they kept in line with a classier aesthetic. I loved how they created a semi open concept kitchen that allowed guest to peek through and see what's going on. The traditional open fire oven was a very touch. There was also a large wall displaying all their wines, which I adored.


There is a decent selection of food for Figo's dinner menu. They were split into five categories of Appetizers, Pizza, Pasta, Mains and Sides. Additionally, they also have a separate dessert and drink menu. We ordered the following below:

Figo Cocktail [ketel one vodka, capo capo aperitivo, thyme, lemon] $14 Calimari Fritti [Lemon Aioli] $16

Crispy Potato [peperoncini salsa verde] $10

Gnocchi [pomodoro, basil, olive oil] $17 Bucatini [wild boar ragu] $21

For the most part, the price was quite fair as the portions were very large. The cocktail was a little more expensive than it should be given the unoriginality and size of the drink.

The meal was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the Gnocchi, which was my main dish, as I thought it had the prefect blend of everything. My boyfriend commented that the crispy potato did taste a bit odd because of the green salsa they sprinkled, and I can agreed, it's not for everybody. The calamari was agreeable to us both as the best appetizer and I found the cocktail very refreshing.


I really enjoyed the food and the overall vibe of the restaurant. The staff were attentive and service was great. Definitely a restaurant I plan to visit again, hopefully to try their Brunch menu when I do.


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