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The Face Shop: Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again! One of my favourite things to do during the holidays is gift hunting for family and friends. It can be quite overwhelming when you don't know where to start, so in today's blog post we'll be focusing on skincare and beauty products. I'll be putting together a complete gift guide featuring my favourite goodies from The Face Shop.




Dr. Belmeur is one of the skincare lines available at The Face Shop. It caters to individuals with oily skin types as it aims to balance the moisture levels of your skin. Perfect for sensitive skin, it has none of the 9 harmful additives and contains natural ingredients such as: tea tree leaf oil, bergamot fruit oil, rosemary leaf oil, lime oil, and eucalyptus leaf.

Besides having a very reasonable price point, it does a great job at keeping the oils at bay - as someone that has struggled with oily skin in high school, and even so today, I would say it's the perfect choice for teens or young adults with this skin type. On top of maintaining my skin's oils and moisture balance, it smells absolutely amazing.

Here I feature three of the product from their line

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Toner $28

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Spot Calming Ampoule $35

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Moisturizer Hydratant $32

The Moisturizer Hydratant is my favourite from this line. It comes out as a milky consistency; though still thick enough to keep it's shape, it forms into a watery consistency as you spread it across your skin. It immediately soaks into the skin, leaving no residue - leaving behind soft skin. The whole line leaves a fresh, almost mint like feeling, when applied to the skin. It's refreshing, affordable, and one that I've actually had experience using for nearly a year now.


It wouldn't be a K-Beauty guide if we don't include at least one cushion foundation! Perfect for the colder weather, hydrating and dewy foundations are a must during this time of the year. If you know your friend's shade, why not introduce them to cushion foundations - They're compact and perfect on the go.

This foundation was one that I haven't tried until a few days ago, and it quickly made it to my list of top cushion foundation due to it's moisturizing and refreshing nature.

The CC Cooling Cushion is similar to the cushion foundations we all know and love from every K-beauty brand. But what I find especially attractive about this particular cushion is the fact that it leaves a very refreshing and minty feel when applied - as their name implies. The consistency is very creamy, leaving the skin looking plump and soft regardless of how dry and cold the weather may be. It's especially impressive that it is able to smooth out the skin and blend more easily than other cushion foundations I've tried in the past (to name a few: Holika Holika Face 2 Change, Laneige Cushion Pore Control, Tony Moly Spoiler Cushion Foundation, and Maybeline Dream Cushion Foundation). Compared to foundations we usually find in Sephora, $29 seems like a steal, especially when it comes so well packaged (mirror and sponge applicator).


If someone you know is a big Disney fan, this is the gift for you! This kit comes in a compact matte tin: black finish on the top, and a fun polka dot design on the back. The packaging itself is something to marvel at. Inside the tin, you will find one sleek mascara featuring Mickey's signature ear on the cap. The tin also features one black eyeliner with the same Mickey packaging. The products are both "ALL PROOF"meaning that the set is water proof, sweat proof and oil proof, allowing it to stay put and smudge free all day. This duo is only $30 and makes for the most adorable Mickey packaging that is sure to be appreciated by Disney lovers all around.




Those who familiar with The Face Shop likely know about this line. The Yehwadam series sits at a higher price point than most of their featured product as it's definitely one of their more luxurious line. Each product ranges from $60-82. My mother is actually a huge fan of the Yehwadam series for several months now, as she incorporates a number of their product from this line in her daily skincare routine. The products specifically targets anti-aging, as it claims to fuse traditional natural ingredients with modern anti aging methods. It aims to reduce dullness of the skin and promote skin luminosity. My favourite product from this line is the Revitalizing Serum. As most serum I've tried before leaves an oily finish, I notice the product soaks right into my skin upon application. The scent of this line is also phenomenal - very floral and light.

Here we have three product from their line Yehwadam Revitalizing Eye Cream $78

Yehwadam Revitalizing Cream $75 Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum $78 Packaging: There's no doubt that Yehwadam line is luxurious. The product is stored in beautifully packaged containers that are both heavy in weight and spectacularly designed. Themed details such as the ruby-esque crystal, engraved caps, and opaque bottles are just the perfect amount of luxury. When it comes to gifting, sometimes the packaging is what sells before the product can itself.




They're super affordable and let's face it - they're a must during the colder months anyways! I once splurged $80 worth of face mask at The Face Shop during their sales - and I still haven't even used it all! Face masks are one of those gifts that you know they're going to reach for eventually, because we all have days when we just need to pamper ourselves. The Face Shop has a wide variety of face mask to choose from, ranging from their classic Real Nature collection, to their higher end face mask, such as MASK.LAB.

Themed face mask are always fun as gifts, which is why I think their Simpsons collaboration would make for the perfect nostalgic stocking stuffer for those who grew up watching the TV show.


This eyeshadow palette comes with 9 beautiful colours, all in one travel size compact for only $29. Packaged in a beautiful golden exterior, the palette looks and feels expensive - making it the perfect unexpected gift. This palette features olive and plum shades with varying finishes of matte and satin. It is one of the newer palettes coming out from The Face Shop and is readily available in stores now!


Seemingly a no brainer, hand creams are the perfect tiny gifts to throw into a stocking. With a gift that's useful and will be used on a day to day basis during the colder season, why not have some fun with the lotion you choose to gift? As a kid, I grew up watching the Simpsons, and what better way to bring back some nostalgia than The Face Shop Simpson's hand cream. It comes in five fun scents, with Marge (Rose) and Maggie (Cotton) being my top two favourite scent from this collection.

HOMER - Soft Cream $6

MARGE- Rose Bouquet $6

LISA - Peach $6

BART - Sparkling Grapefruit $6

MAGGIE - Cotton Blankets $6


Hope you find this comprehensive guide useful when shopping for your holiday gifts for friends and family. Let me know what you plan to pick up, or what you've already picked up in the comments below! Happy shopping!


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