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Microblading Rescue: Fixing a Bad Past

Background Information

Last summer during my stay in NYC, I had the opportunity to get my eyebrows done. For this process, I opted to do a powder brow. I did my initial procedure in early July and went back for a touch up 3 weeks later. It definitely looked great at the time, but after the healing process there were a few problems I noticed which included

  • An increasingly orange pigment surfacing

  • Slightly uneven shaping

  • Patchiness

Since healing, I've been using make up to cover up my uneven orange brows. It was always in the back of my mind to get it fixed, but I was also afraid of potentially worsening the situation.


A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Erica Fung, a brow tech professional. Since getting to know her, I've been religiously creeping on her instagram and admiring her work. She also posts regular IG stories of her client's brows on the same day they are done. Peep her page here.

On May 21, I booked an appointment with her at 3:30PM and arrived at Lovelle Beauty Academy. I discussed the type of brows I wanted to get done, my concerns over my existing condition, and what she could do to help me. I was most worried about the orange peeping through, but Erica assured me that she was able to fix the existing shape and use a hybrid technique to mask the colouring. She would essentially be microblading my brows, while using a dotted technique with a tattoo machine on the remaining ends of it. She mentioned that this should override the current orange tone.

Below you will see a photo of my brows with make up, followed by a photo of my eyebrows without make up. Also excuse my patchy eye make up, I had just gotten off an 8 hour class and had my make up on for the last 10 hours!

As you can see from the photo, once the make up was removed, the orange outline around my brows lingered. My left brow hair typically grows lower, so there was some very visible pigment where the hair does not grow. On the other hand, my right brow appeared to be slightly shorter than the left.

We started off by numbing the brows and letting the cream sit for about 20 minutes before she started to clean and shape my brows. Erica mentioned how the previous brow tech went a little too low on the left (right for photo) side of my brows, which meant she had to even it out with the other side. In all fairness, my eyebrows were never quite even and one side still grows much higher than the other. My eyebrow hair typically grows a little over my birthmark area - so when I slack on cleaning up my brows, it always slightly raises itself. But as you can see Erica drew in the proper shape, she cleaned up the area really well, and left my birthmark flying high and solo.

When the outline looked perfect, we finally began the microblading process. I was actually quite surprised by the sound of the blade. It was loud and sounded similar to someone snipping eyebrow hair. Erica mentioned that this was because of the scar tissue. She explained that the scar tissues also affect the retention of the pigments once it is healed. With every client, she would do several passes and with each passing she would go over the exact same lines without cutting it any deeper - this ensures that every line is filled with pigment. After going over my brows twice with the microblading technique, she finished off the ends with the powder technique, which basically required her to draw within the brows as the machine dots along the way.

In terms of pain, there is a few factors to consider. The numbing cream helps a lot - essentially making everything feel like either nothing. However once it started to wear off, the pain can vary in intensity. I found microblading more painful than the powder technique, simply because the sound of the blade made me cringe and visualize the whole process. On the overall pain scale however, it's absolutely tolerable and honestly way less painful than my first experience.


What to expect

Day 2-4: Your brows will oxidize and appear darker. Day 5-7: Scabs will begin to form Day 8-13: The scabs will fall off Day 14-30: The pigments will reappear on your skin

Day 40: The final result

Some information about my brow tech Erica for those interested in her work: Erica is one of the co-founders of Lovelle Beauty Academy. A straight up BOSS-ass babe who is not only a sweetheart but one of the most inspiring women I've had the pleasure of meeting. Lovelle Beauty Academy offers courses ranging in brow work, lash extension, SMP and hair extensions. They have locations across Canada and the US, with Erica specifically working between Toronto and New York. Feel free to reach out or check her main page provided here, and Lovelle's IG page here as well.

Photos all shot by @Patrickwarpath


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