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Lychee the Label: BTS

The Beginning

As we are approaching the end of December, I wanted to share the crazy journey we went through with Lychee the Label during the entirety of its birth and launch. For those that have been following me since the beginning of our journey, you would know that we actually first launched this year in June. The idea itself first bloomed through random conversations Vanessa and I would have. Moments of "wouldn't it be cool to..." which would fizzle out into something we thought was too ambitious. It wasn't until after I gotten back from Tokyo that we had this conversation again. I was telling Vanessa about the little boutiques I visited in Shibuya and again this idea came up. But this time she said " I really want to, okay I'm thinking..."

From there we bounced a lot of 'what ifs' with each other. If we do this, we should do something that is catered to women. What if we named our products after the women that inspired us? Or should we go for the cuter route and name it after food? Let's focus on aspects of empowerment for our branding. There's not a lot of options for female street wear, maybe we can zone in on that? How can we incorporate our own asian identity to be apart of this? This ultimately fuelled the first of many sleepless nights from the excitement of it all. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to text Vanessa "Omg we should do this", to which she'd reply and bounce another idea back because she couldn't sleep either. To make that transition from potential ideas to reality was scary for the both of us. It was the feeling of the unknown and all the worse case scenarios that was very daunting. But we believed in it enough to know that regardless of what happened, we would regret it more if we never took the chance.

The Name

With both of us being such extreme foodies, we thought it would be fitting to name our brand after a type of food. Lychee spoke to us because it was a dainty little fruit that had that asian association we were looking for. Thus Lychee the Label was born. From there I reached out to a good friend to help with the logo (shout out to Richard.ux for being a part of the whole process). Below are the prototypes we had to work with. For the final result, we took the colour way of Type A (and turned it into a gradient) and the look of Type D. He tweaked it a bit by tilting the little Lychee head slightly and raising the mouth upwards.

The Launch

On June 15, we had our official launch and promoted it through an Instagram post and story on our main page. Lychee the Label was greeted with such an amazing response of support with our Instagram growing to 1000 followers within that first week alone! It was crazy to see how we just took a chance and threw this vision we had out there and be met with those that wholeheartedly believed in us. Since then, we've organically grown to 15,000 followers in under six months of launch and continue to spread our mission. From the beginning we had the hopes of creating a brand that allowed women to look as good as they feel. We wanted to cater to those that seek to embrace their uniqueness. To show that they have an edgy side and they're unapologetic about it. We wanted women to ultimately feel like their clothes reflect the confidence and power that we know they have within themselves. And to see this come to life in the form of the posts our Lychee Girls #LycheexMe share with us on social, have been incredible to say the least. With that being said, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who supported Lychee the Label, whether it be through following us on social, commenting on our post, sharing your photos or making a purchase. Our audience is the only reason we are able to grow in the ways that we have today, and without that support and those that believed in our vision, we would not be where we are. For that, I am super grateful for everyone that became part of our journey.

Hopes for 2020

As of this moment, we are currently running a giveaway with the winner due to be announced on January 1, 2020. We are giving away a $100 Lychee the Label gift card, an Urban Decay Palette and a chance to be featured on our website. You can check out the details here if you are interested. With that being said we still have several giveaways planned for various milestones that we hope to reach (stay tune!). Besides the new apparel we aim to introduce into our line of streetwear, we are potentially looking at launching our first Lychee the Label Pop-up event for the coming year as well, although the details are still in the works. Ultimately, we are excited to be moving forward with our followers on further building Lychee the Label into something much bigger. And we can't wait to bring you along for the ride. So thank you for the support!


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Special Thanks

@Patrickwarpath for being my main (and only) photographer when it comes to Lychee the Label. Check out the promo video we did during the first week of launch to promote our newest line.

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