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Holiday Kaiseki - Miku Toronto

Another year, another one of Miku's finest set meals. This year their Holiday Kaiseki set did not disappoint - in fact, it may have been my favourite set course from Miku thus far with their large variety of fresh sushi and tender meats. Their Holiday Kaiseki dinner menu is available from Dec 1 - 31 (excluding the 25th) for only $110 per person, or an additional $45 for their sake pairing.

For starters, we were presented their Sashimi Trio. This dish was beautifully plated and featured their red meat tuna (akami), yellowtail (hamachi), and pandalid shrimp (botan ebi), accompanied with cucumber slices and lemon. Miku has a reputation for the finest quality and freshest sushi, and they do not disappoint. Keep in mind they also offer the option to deep fry the shrimp head. This first set was accompanied by Yamatan Masamune Honjozo sake.

For our next course, we were presented with their Kaiseki Zensai, which came in a modern spherical structure that broke down into three separate plates. This method of presentation was quite impressive. The first dish from this set was their Fresh Oyster, featuring shiso oil, wasabi crème fraîche and yuzu pearls. The textures of the yuzu pearls, which can only be described as liquid popping balls, worked very well with the oyster. The second dish from this set was their Muscovy Smoked Duck Breast Antipasto. The duck worked incredibly well with their soy marinated shiitake which, I'd have to say, was so explosive in flavour and absolutely made the dish for me. The final dish from this set was their Pan Seared Scallop, which featured a thick scallop on top of a parsley purée, pickled sea asparagus, charred corn and watercress. The scallop was perfectly seared and juicy, and played together beautifully with the charred corn. This course was accompanied by Masumi Junmai Daiginjo Yamahai Sake, which was quite strong and earthy.

Next, we were presented with their biggest dish of the set meal: their Slow Roasted Prime Rib and Half Lobster Tail. This featured AAA sterling silver, brown butter wasabi sauce, wild mushrooms, and baby vegetables. There was only one word to describe this: Incredible. The prime rib was cooked medium rare and was tender to the bite. The lobster tail was rich and buttery in flavour - one of my favourites from the meal. This course was accompanied by their Gold Omachi Junmai Daiginjo Sake.

For our next course, we were offered a variety of sushi: Aburi Salmon Oshi (pressed BC wild sockeye salmon, jalapeno, miku sauce), Aburi Ebi Oshi (pressed prawn, lime zest, ume sauce), Miku Roll (sockeye salmon, uni, crab, cucumber, rolled in Tobiko), and Aburi Premium Nigri which featured two pieces of the chef's choice. My favourite from the selection was the Salmon Oshi and Ebi Oshi, they both featured a very smokey flavour which complemented the richness of the sushi. This course was paired with the Aburi Ginjo sake.

Lastly, for dessert we were presented with their Black Forest Bûche de Noël cake - a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate cream, matcha-pistachio cream, cherry sorbet, and black sesame--white chocolate snow. This cake was so beautifully presented, playing on the pun of its own name, the cake looked like a tree stump with a worm laying on it. It was absolutely delicious. Our dessert was accompanied by Izumi Junmai Nigori sake, a creamy sake which is mostly sweet with a slight touch of sour.

If you are interested in trying Miku's holiday kaiseki set menu this year, you can book a reservation here.

I want to thank Miku for inviting me to their exclusive Holiday tasting. All opinions are my own. Photos were taken by @Patrickwarpath.

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