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Sakura Menu: Miku Toronto

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of trying Miku's Sakura Menu. I previously visited Miku during Winterlicious, so I had high expectations coming in the second time around! Their Sakura Menu is available from April 23 to May 6, and is dinner exclusive. Today I'll be going through what you can expect when booking for your own Sakura Menu tasting.


In Japan, the season of cherry blossom (Sakura) is celebrated by gathering friends and family together and having a meal or drink underneath the blossoming tress. To honour this tradition, we have created our special sakura feature menu, complete with sakura themed beverages and coursed menu.

Sakura Aburi Prime Set Menu $98

Premium Sake Pairing $39


To start, we were presented with the Pan Seared Foie Gras. It featured a sakura no ha preserve cherry jam that balanced out the rich flavours, and sprinkled with shallot shiso crumble to finish. This was paired with Kozaemon Junmai Umeshu, a rich plum wine that was exceptionally sweet.


For our second course we were presented with a three parter laid out in their Arita-Yaki plate ware. When placed together, the plates form a complete sphere. I was very impressed by the presentation. This was paired with the Gold Omachi Junmai Daiginjo, which was described as the highest note polish rice, and said to be smooth and silky.

Our first dish was the Aburi Beef Carpaccio which featured Jalapeño Ponzu, Wasabi Crème Fraîche, pickled mustard seeds and micro greens. It was perfectly rich in flavour and beautifully displayed. My personal favourite was the second dish, which was the Saikyo Miso Baked Sable Fish. It featured Truffled Parsip Purée, market baby vegetables and sakura soy foam. The fish was incredibly fresh and paired perfectly with the saltiness of the sakura soy foam. Lastly, we were presented with a selection of Fresh Sashimi which was nothing short of incredible.


For our main course we were presented with a variety of sushi selections: Made Kobujime, Zuke Maguro, Japanese Saba, Anago, Snow Crab, Mauro, Trout and A5 Japanese Wagyu sushi. Each sushi had their own individual sauce which perfectly accompanied it - it was therefore not recommended to pair the sushi with soy sauce as it would distort the flavours. My personal favourite was the Snow Crab sushi (middle) followed by the Japanese Wagyu (bottom right). They were in my opinion, the one to beat. This course was accompanied by their House sake, the Yoshi no Gawa Aburi Ginjo, which was featured in their winterlicious menu as well. It's a little sweet and less polished than the Gold Omachi Sake.


Lastly we were presented with the Sakura Panna Cotta for dessert, which was beautifully laid out. It featured a sakura gelée, elder flower meringue, mint ice cream and sakura petals. Surprisingly, this was my first time having mint ice cream - the refreshing nature of mint was a great balance to the sweetness of the Panna Cotta. This was paired with their indigo Junmai sparkling sake, the same sake that was paired with their dessert in the last Winterlicious menu as well - it is definitely my favourite glass of sake since I do prefer it sweeter.


Miku never fails to impress, once again they're able to come up with an incredible set that's sure to blow away just about anyone. Their menu is nothing short from fresh, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to honour cherry blossom season through Miku's Sakura Menu.


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