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My Red Hair: Arctic Fox Hair Color in Wrath

It's been a while since I've updated you guys with a hair post. One of the most widely asked question I get is how I keep my red hair so vibrant. As you all know, maintaining coloured hair is not an easy task, especially when it comes to red which is known to fade the fastest. Personally, I like to revamp my hair colour every 2-3 weeks to keep it as vibrant as possible. It’s honestly not as difficult or time-consuming of a process one might think. Today I'll be showing you a hair routine I've been doing for nearly 3 years now. Let's get started!


What You Will Need



Arctic Fox in Wrath


Revamping my Red Hair

To preface, I shot a photo of how my hair looked before I added anything to it. Typically, I like to dye my hair every 2-3 weeks just to keep the colour as fresh and vibrant as possible. At this point in the photo, it's been three weeks since I've last touched it up. With that being said, you can see that the red is slightly dulled and there are patches of orange undertone in some parts of my hair. I usually like to keep my hair colour a little more consistent and unified, so this is a good indicator of when I should whip out a bottle of Wrath. The great thing about Arctic Fox's semi-permanent hair dye is that it not only emphasizes the colour, it also softens and conditions your hair in the process. And as you can see, my hair is in need of some TLC.

Personally, I like to switch between using Wrath or Poison - sometimes a mix of both. Wrath contains a pink undertone, while Poison has an orange undertone. However in today's post, I am strictly using Wrath.

To start, I prepare all the essentials I need when colouring my hair. This includes a cup to hold all the dye, some gloves to keep my hands from staining, and last but not least the dye itself.

What I prefer to do when starting to dye my hair (especially when you have a lot of hair, it may be pretty daunting to figure out where to begin), I like to section my hair into several parts so I can work on them piece by piece. In this photo, I started to part my upper half to separate it from my lower ends. I proceed to separate the bottom into two more parts and work from there.

What I like about this dye is the ease of use. It is rich and creamy and its' consistency makes it easy to simply apply it with just your hands. This is also my favourite method of application because I can really just get the dye all in there. I take strands of hair from each parting and just slather a good amount of dye onto it, massaging it in the process to ensure every part is covered.

After application, I like to put my hair up in a bun and use the remaining amount of dye to massage it into the rest of my roots. Arctic Fox recommends you leave the dye on for 40 minutes, but I leave it on for about an hour or two (easily a few episode of your favourite TV series) until it feels about ready. Usually you can tell it's ready to be washed off when it slightly hardens and appears stringy.

At this point, you rinse the colour out with cold water and style it as you regularly would. From here on you want to wash you hair with sulfate-free and colour-safe shampoo to make the colour last longer. And that's all there is to it! A super simple way to revamp your hair colour in under 2 hours, all while watching Netflix, reading a good book, or listening to music in the comforts of your own home. Seriously therapeutic.


Thoughts on Arctic Fox

I've been using Arctic fox hair dye for the last 4 years. I've tried a couple of semi-permanent hair dye brands before settling on a favourite - It just works best with my hair, and unlike some brands, it doesn't have a medicinal bitter scent to it, in fact it smells just like grapes.

As a loyal user of Arctic Fox for the last few years, hands down I have to give it a 5/5. Their semi-permanent dye has never failed me, and is so consistent in its colouring. Its staying power is fantastic, and the stains are fairly easy to clean up if it gets on your skin. I find that their larger bottles are better valued than their competitors, and I only have to go through half a bottle to cover my entire head - which is saying a lot since my hair goes past my butt. I've used a couple colours from their line including Poison, Purple Rain, Transylvania, and their newest shade Ritual. It is something I highly recommend if you're looking to add some vibrancy to your existing hair colour - or even to experiment on your bleached hair!

Arctic Fox as a brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and donates 15% of their profits to organizations that prevent animal cruelty. Definitely follow Arctic Fox and subscribe to their emails because they have some amazing products launching soon that you won't want to miss!


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