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Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet Review. #4 Beautiful Coral Pink & #5 Elf Light Rose

Today I'll be reviewing Peripera's line of The Airy Ink Velvet in #4 Beautiful Coral Pink and #5 Elf Light Rose. I've heard great reviews about their staying power and I thought for $8 bucks, why not give it a go? As always I'll be covering a few aspects for this review, including the brand, the packaging, the price point and of course the product.

Peripera The Airy Ink Velvet


The Brand

Peripera is a cosmetic brand developed under South Korea's well regarded company Club Clio - Also mother to the popular Korean cosmetic brand Professional Clio. While Professional Clio often features elegant and sopshitcated make up selections, Peripera defines their brand with a more youthful direction, offering fun and quirky styled make up choices.

The Packaging

I love the box it came with. It's unique and artfully designed, which really captured my attention. However I was a little disappointed by the packaging of the product itself. As this was my first Peripera makeup product, I didn't have much expectation to go by, but I felt as if the product was packaged a little cheap. It was made entirely of hard plastic, and was reminiscent of cheap dollar store makeup. With that being said, the packaging really doesn't matter too much so long as the product is as good as it claims to be.

The Price

This product is surprisingly very affordable. I purchased mines for only $8USD, and found this product online on several platforms ranging between $6-$14. For 8g of product and claims to last nearly the entire day with just one application - it seemed like an amazing deal. I purchased mines on eBay and it took about a month to arrive from Korea.

The Product

The first thing I noticed when I applied the product was the scent. It's surprisingly very strong - some people may be turned off by how prominent the smell is when you apply it on your lips, but personally I loved it. It smells of powdery rose, but a closer comparison would be to J.Lo's Glow perfume. It's nearly an identical match I'd say.

A lot of reviews described the product gliding on with a texture similar to gel, but I found it to be less viscous than that. The product feels like silicon and absorbs into the lips extremely well. After application, it feels as if you have nothing on your lips. It's extremely lightweight but stains the lips very well. I tried this product with lip balm before application and found that it did not work nearly as well unless you use the product on it's own. This product, however, will not work well on dry lips. I noticed that dry patches or cracks are highlighted when the product sits on the lips. The product dries to a, of course, velvety texture and looks very natural. Below I used shade #4 Beautiful Coral Pink - I used a light layer and it gave me a nice soft pink tint.

I was most impress by it's staying power. In these photos I have a side by side swatch of #4 and #5 upon first application. The second photo shows the aftermath of rubbing down the lip product with water vigorously. Even as I type this blog post after a full day, the remnants of the stain is still noticeable on my arm. Absolutely amazing.

For reference, here is a photo of the colour swatches from their official page. #5 Elf Light Rose seems to be the most popular colour of their line as it was sold out almost everywhere when I tried to purchase it. It's a beautiful dusty rose colour. #4 Beautiful Coral Pink is more vibrant in comparison and feels very Spring appropriate.

Final thoughts

Korean cosmetics are always so impressive. The Peripera Airy Ink Velvet is no exception - I really love this product. For $8 a bottle, your wallet will thank you. Not only is this product an amazing light weight lip stain, a little goes a long way to ensure you're getting the most our of your purchase. The staying power is impeccable and will last you the entire day. Highly recommend.


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