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Prada White Monochrome Tote

We're going to end the year with a bag review from Prada's 2018 Cruise collection. I got this Prada Monochrome tote bag as a gift this Christmas from my boyfriend, and I couldn't be more excited about it! There are so many aspects to this bag that I can't wait to talk about today, so we’ll just jump right into it.

(Unfortunately photos will be watermarked this time to protect from users stealing my photos again)

Price Point

Standing at $2390 CAD, this bag is not exactly cheap, but it is still affordable compared to a few of their newer designs. It's price point is low to mid tier, with several of their other lines standing around the high 2000s to mid 3000s. It's definitely a great price for such a functional and high quality piece in my opinion. This bag is also available at a larger size for $200 more, though I find the smaller size much more dainty if you're searching for a date bag.

Shape What I noticed immediately was how similar it is to their Galleria bag (I'll be referring to this bag often for reference). Though the overall structure and general design of the bag resembles one another, there are still several aspects that would tell the bag apart. The monochrome bag appears to be more shapely and sturdy, given the larger base of the bag. You can tell it is much roomier from the side of the bag as the triangular shape is much more prominent. The monochrome bag is also slightly taller, and tapers in progressively, giving a trapezoid-like shape compare to the very rectangular shape of the Galleria bag. It’s a fun quirk and gives the bag a lot of character, especially since it slightly rounds itself towards the top.

Overall, this bag doesn’t have any harsh creases and is quite rounded. Note in the photo how the front of the bag quite seamlessly folds to the bottom of the bag - as if one piece. The bubbly shape definitely makes the bag appear more youthful.


I have this bag in their White colour, though it is available in a variety of colours. Currently on their website they are offering the bag in White, Black, Peach, Fire Engine Red, Jade Green and Astral Blue. I adore how wide their colour variations is, and it seems I might be missing a few colours as their availability changes from day to day. Although I have the bag in their Saffiano leather ( which by the way, I noticed the saffiano print on the bag is not as fine as before - perhaps it is a new design choice? The criss cross are more spacious and noticeable), I believe I've seen a metallic version of the bag under the shade Argento as well.

I do love how the featured colours on this bag is largely white accompanied by black outlines and gold hardware. The contrasting colours work great against each other.


The bag features a handle that is stitched on, which allow it to always be pointed upwards. Unlike the Galleria bag which secures the handle by a metal ring, this stops the handles from flopping around and looking sloppy. The only downside to this would be their slight obstruction when you pull things out from the bag.

At the bottom of the bag, you’ll notice a band of leather stitched across the centre. I suppose this is what helps it keeps the shape given the larger base. I would have much preferred four metal studs since I am afraid the bag will get dirty quicker this way - especially in white.

The bag also features a tiny leather pouch hanging from the right handle. Accented with gold hardwares, you’ll find a tiny mirror stitched on the flap, which also has a magnetic closure. Although very cute, it doesn’t have much practical use given the size.

The bag strap is definitely one of my favourite things about this bag. I find that the Galleria bag straps are very thin and fall very low (my lower hip) even after adjustments. The monochrome bag features a very thick bag strap which looks and feels much more luxurious. The stap is a great length, allowing the bag to fall at the waist. The button closure on both ends add a nice touch. I’ve been loving the thick straps (sometimes accompanied by rings or studs) they’ve been adding to most of their bag, especially from their Cahier Collection. As always, the straps are detachable so you can wear this with or without it.

Last but not least, we have to talk about the logo. Their signature inverted triangle is no where to be found on this bag. Instead, this bag sports the title PRADA in a much larger text size with the same colour scheme as the bag's leather. Although unconventional, I do love how it’s so loud and unique. I suppose the only downside to blending the text with the background is the fact that the logo might have a harder time showing up in photos.


Surprisingly, the bag is quite roomy (13.5 x 20 x 26) and will allow you to fit a number of essentials on the go. I usually carry my wallet, makeup bag, hand cream, and even a water bottle, which easily fits despite the smaller size.

The bag has a zipper compartment on the back side of the bag, and a roomy flat pocket on the front side. Both the front and back side features the same smooth white leather from the side exterior of the bag. The side interior is made up of black lambskin and the base of the bag features their classic PRADA logo lining (although it is hard to capture on camera).


I absolutely adore this bag. I never use to be really big on Prada but my boyfriend is a big fan and is slowly trying to convert me. Two years ago, he gifted me a beautiful black Galleria bag (from the photo comparison), and I've used and abused the bag so much you could say this is the reincarnation. This bag is a great size for practical date nights - tiny enough to look cute, but roomy enough to store all the essentials. It's high quality and sturdy which is great for the price (have you seen the Prada velvet bags that go for $5000? It's literally just velvet all around). I tend to stick with dark bag colours in fear of staining them one way or another, but the white is such a great pop of colour to add to my collection. Overall I am very happy with the bag and it is something I'd highly recommend if you're considering it.


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