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School Formal x HOTPING

In honour of the warmer weather here in Canada, today I'll be going through and styling a few clothes I managed to haul exclusively from my collaboration with HOTPING. For those that are unfamiliar with the brand, HOTPING is an established Korean clothing store that specializes in trendy women apparel. Launched in 2014, the brand had made it's way outside of Korea and into the international market. Offering an array of sizes (XS - XXL) for nearly all of their product, this brand does not exclude any body shape and size like most Asian retailers which are typically quite restricting in their size selections.


For this first look I wore my bowtie blouse. I decided to tie the bow a little lower to give the top more a of V-Neck look. I paired this with my grey trench coat, staying more towards the neutral/cool tone. I finished off with my favourite buttoned high waisted shorts, over the knee knitted socks and my black booties from Zooshoo.

My second look is just a slight variation to my first one. I kept the same high wasted shorts but paired it with a bell sleeve blouse with the same colour pattern. I choose to leave the trench coat out of this look so the bell sleeves wouldn't be hindered. I also pulled my hair into a bun to give the look a more mature feel. I finished off with my Strathberry backpack to keep this second look black and white themed.

For my last look I went with a casual black dress. I love how the sleeves are long and sheer - it has a very feminine and romantic vibe. I paired this dress with some black heels and my Daniel Wellington watch to finish off the look.

My thoughts

Disclaimer: Despite my collaboration with HOTPING, this review only depicts my most honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

Shipping time: My package was sent to Canada from Korea. The shipment date was on May 7 and the packaged arrived on May 10. With that being said, 10/10 for shipping speed from a package that came halfway across the world.

Quality: I have to say I am thoroughly impress by the quality of HOTPING's clothes. As you know from (probably) your own horror story of online shopping, a lot of brands from Asia will advertise clothes that are completely different from what you end up receiving, often using stolen images. I was skeptical that this would be the case because their clothes looked so great online, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that HOTPING owns 100% of the image and clothes they used to advertise on their website, meaning you get exactly what you see. With that being said, there is no "cheaping" out on their clothes because their quality is exactly as advertised. The chiffon used for my blouse felt thick and high quality and my trench coat was clearly sewn in parts using soft fabric and lining (I experienced some brands that cheaped out and excluded to use lining for their coats, making it feel very one dimensional and inexpensive). There were a few lose threads here and there, but I easily fixed that problem by snipping off any excess.

True to Size: I found that despite ordering the clothes in size XS, the clothes do come a little larger. I'm not sure if this could be in the fashion of Korean style clothing, but I'm typically very use to snug and tight fitting clothes. Everything fit fairly well except the black dress which seemed more like a medium than anything else. If you were to purchase, I'd recommend ordering a size down for everything.

Price Point: Sheer black dress $28.80 Bell Sleeve Blouse $34.70

Bow Tie Blouse $36.10

Trench Coat $63.80

I found the pricing was not particularly cheap nor was it expensive. Although $35 may seem pricey for a blouse, I found that the price is justified because of the quality. At the end of the day, you get what you see and it's often hard to find styles like this at your local mall (in Canada/America) since the trends do differ here. However I do believe that some things are more worth it than others and it really depends what you are going for.

In Conclusion

HOTPING serves as a great shopping destination for those living across the world seeking Korean fashion. Their shipping time is impeccable and their clothes are true to how they are advertised. Although their sizing seem to be a little off, going down a size would fix this problem. I believe their pricing is fair, but be sure to look out for promotions (which seem to come by quite often, they have a 30% off promo going from the 20th to 30th of May!) for the best deals. Overall, in my honest opinion, a brand I am thoroughly impress with, that I can see myself shopping at again in the future.

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